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Kritika Prakash

I write code that writes code. I am a Machine Learning researcher and an artist.


Research Associate - Google AI

Research Assistant - Machine learning LabIIIT-H



I'm an MS student at IIIT Hyderabad, where I work on improving Deep Learning Optimization and Reinforcement Learning with the help of Differential Privacy. 


I'm a research scientist at OpenMined, where I work on building individual Differential Privacy for general-purpose infrastructure to protect scientific data under study. I also lead Differential Privacy R&D at OpenMined.

I'm fascinated by learning algorithms, representations, and capturing the meaning of everyday interactions. I enjoy working with abstract math and art. I love to spend my time painting, reading, and coding.


Deep Learning Optimization

Tackling non-convex optimization via regularization and manifold theory.

Differential Privacy

Bringing computational privacy into the picture to make private data freely available for good use.

Reinforcement Learning

Optimizing machines to learn to thrive in rich domains from scratch.

Game Theory

Finding the right mechanism to interpret real-world problems and finding optimal strategies with the help of equilibria.




Differential Privacy R&D Lead, 2020


IIIT Hyderabad

BTech + MS in CS
Teaching Assistant

2016 - 2020



Machine Learning Intern

Summer 2016


TCS Research Labs

ML Research Intern

Summer 2019

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